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Our solutions

Pollution control
We design and manufacture grit arrestors for large coal boilers. We install complete coal boiler plant, from coal handling to ash handling using submerged belt conveyors.


Problems requiring solutions?

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We have expertise and tools to provide a scientific analysis and suggest solutions. And above all, we have the smarts to deploy the chosen solution.


Steam House Africa can offer a range of boilers from Europe and UK to suit customer needs. We procure burners from OEM's or as part of a boiler supply. We have supplied new gas boilers ranging from 4ton/hr to 15ton/hr 12bar. If rotary cup burners are required for HFO applications we are able to supply and install those.

We have some second hand boilers that we refurbish and sell with complete inspection certificates - coal boilers and stokers, gas boilers and HFO boilers. We offer maintenance services for steam plant - electrical, burners, boiler platework and re-tubing and call-outs.

We design and engineer turn-key plant - whether complete boiler house plant, conversion of coal boilers to gas firing, specialised equipment for industrial factory application. In this way the customer does not have to have time or expertise to manage projects, but merely needs to oversee the installation and therefore focus on their business of producing end-products.


  • 10 ton coal boiler
  • 8 ton coal boiler
  • 4 ton gas / HFO boiler
  • Autoflame EVO Mk 7 - new - never used
  • Autoflame EGA's
  • 37kW 3ph, 10,000 m3/h fan and ABB motor - 1 year old


Steam House Africa offers engineering and design services as part of its project scope. Customers get drawings of installed plant - whether electrical wiring of panels, piping or plant layout of installed systems. The scope covers SANS regulations for Industrial Thermal Heating Equipment (burners) and pressure vessels and piping.

We offer analysis services for burner combustion, steam plant reticulation and energy efficiency audits, pipe stress analysis for new steam lines, pipe flow analysis for complex systems.

Coupled with this, we are able to offer practical solutions and implement them - heat recovery systems, condensate return systems, steam load management.



Our artisans pride themselves in their abilities and professionalism to producing top quality work. They don't put any value on tradesmen from the petro-chemical or mining industry. Several times we have re-done work sub-contracted to other companies.

Our lagging and cladding team comprise older, wiser tradesmen and they are particular about finishes and chuckle when asked if they can produce "chinese hats" on dished-end vessels. Our welders have worked on food plant stainless steel piping and have made "professional company's" work look like apprentice school efforts. Their competence extends to rigging and they have suprised many with their ability to construct and erect at height and in situations where other people would be calling for expensive cranes.

 Economiser lagging and cladding   Piping lagging and cladding
  Economiser lagging and cladding    Piping lagging and cladding  


Steam House Africa has a high pressure water jet cleaner that produces 1,000 bar for cleaning boiler tubes and surfaces.

The unit is mounted on its own trailer and is powered by a Cummins diesel engine.

SHA has a valve repair facility to machine, shotblast, nitrogen test or hydraulic test valves and return them with required certificates.

 Cut out and replace flue   Boiler tube plate failure
  Cut out and replace flue    Boiler tube plate failure  
 1000 bar Cummins trailed pump  Coal boilers, statutory inspections 
  1000 bar Cummins trailed pump    Coal boilers, statutory inspections
Plant and equipment cleaning  


Examples of recent work by Steam House Africa.

 30 ton hotwell tank stand   Hotwell tank stand erection
  30 ton hotwell tank stand    Hotwell tank stand erection  
 30 ton hotwell tank stand   Hotwell tank fabrication
  30 ton Hotwell tank fabrication -
stainless steel, dished ends  
  Hotwell tank fittings  


Steam House Africa (SHA) is an engineering and construction company engaged in industrial boiler installations, repairs, maintenance and associated work. SHA operates throughout South Africa, having offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. SHA is a Tech Centre in South Africa for ETC's range of combustion control equipment. While ETC supplies mainly to the OEM markets in USA, UK and Europe, SHA has technical

ETC 6000 Controller Touchscreen    

expertise to do retro-fits to existing burners and controllers, having been involved in such systems since 2004. The ETC system has a user-friendly touch-screen and configurable programming to allow adaption to many different applications. The EGA, or Exhaust Gas Analyser is an integral part of the offering and can be used as a stand-alone to measure oxygen and CO2 or provide feedback to trim combustion. The analyser uses real-time sampling, rather than pumped samples and it has a much longer working life than other 3-parameter systems.

SHA has coded welders, artisans and engineers who carry out the activities of the company covering inter alia the following;

  • - Engineering design - CAD draughting, proprietary equipment and structural design
  • - Project management - turnkey or sub-contracting
  • - Construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs
  • - Valve repair shop - overhauling and re-certifying valves
  • - Boiler statutory inspection & repairs

Engineering design covers areas such as heat exchanger design (e.g. stainless steel economisers), coal boiler dust extractors, fuel storage tanks, air receiver vessels, piping systems  - (including stress analysis; compressible flow analysis; sizing of control valves), boiler sizing, structural steel work, stainless steel work, P&ID drawings, electrical drawings, gas installations to SANS 329. Drawings are modelled in 3D to carry out walk-throughs of installations and do interference checks before creating 2D working drawings.

SHA has engineering personnel qualified as competent gas installers (as per SANS 329), Competent Person (Government Certificate of Competency).

Construction work includes areas such as pressure vessel construction, pressure vessel maintenance, stainless steel fabrication, fuel storage tanks, piping to SANS codes, on-site NDT, AIA activities associated with statutory inspections using our artisans and 3rd party inspectors. Staff are coded to carbon steel and stainless steel weld procedures as applied to pressure vessels.

Maintenance and Repair Activities

SHA also undertakes maintenance and repair work on boilers (coal, gas, HFO, liquid fuels), statutory inspections, pressure vessel maintenance and repairs using Approved Inspection Authority resources and in-house artisans. They have a high pressure water jet cleaner that produces 1,000 bar for cleaning boiler tubes and surfaces. The unit is mounted on its own trailer and is powered by a Cummins diesel engine.

SHA has a valve repair facility to machine, shotblast, nitrogen test or hydraulic test valves and return them with required certificates.



Boiler House and plant for Cochranes    
Boiler House and plant for Cochranes
Convert 16t boiler to gas firing    
Convert 16t coal boiler to gas firing.